Joe Peters Collaborates to This Week’s “Theme Attic,” Wednesday 12PM-4PM EST!!!

Singer/Songwriter Joe Peters has been even busier than he normally is lately!

That’s saying a lot!
The covid pandemic changed his approach to doing music, and it has resulted in a flurry of activity!:
Three albums starting in 2021–that included a cast of several villages of talented musicians, is the result including his “Collaboration” album that was selected as the Best Philby Album of 2021!
A whirlwind of activity in the next few weeks for Joe kicks off with a visit to Wednesday’s “Theme Attic” with Phil Maq, from 12PM-4PM EST!!!
He is scheduled to arrive around 3PMish!
His schedule today, also includes a visit to Berkley Coffee & Oak Park Dry along with Songwriter Scramble: Kat Steih, John Freeman, Tom Alter tonight in Oak Park, Michigan that also includes Phil Maq!
It’s going to be one crazy day!
Joe also suggested a Veterans Day theme for the rest of the show, and I took him up on it!
Several years ago, I started an ongoing dive into the music from World War I, music that is now well over a hundred years old, to remember those heroic figures that helped save the world the first time! I will feature four songs from that era!
A Top 9 at 2:09 of this week’s Fave Albums!!!
Stats are great!: 13 artist debuts, 7 new releases, 13 artists with Southeast Michigan ties, 5 singles!
I will divide the tags into sections, but they will only be an estimate.
I can’t guarantee that everything will fit into those slots, but I will try very hard to stick to them!
However…they are NOT in sequential order. (I often make changes during the show!)
Songs by artists between 12PM-209 PM EDT should include DIRK KROLL BAND (DIRK KROLL BAND live! @ The PLAT this Friday in Pontiac, Michigan!), Erin Zindle (Erin Zindle is playing Trinity House Theatre in Livonia, Michigan this Saturday!), Elephant Stone, Gary Browe, The Accidentals, Mick Clarke, Voxanna (Voxanna (Album Re-Release) on Friday at Berkley Coffee & Oak Park Dry in Oak Park, Michigan! (Billy Brandt, Elaine Schoendorf), Laura Rain and The Caesars (They are playing Ann Arbor Happy Hour @ LIVE in Ann Arbor, Michigan this Friday!), Bob Hausler appearing with Lee Kitzman at Unity Vibration Brewing Company this Friday in Ypsilanti, Michigan!, Jill Suttie, Erik Balkey, Roger Ponder, Joanie Leeds, Mel Green, Jeff Cannon, Gathering Time, and more!!!
So, donate to a Veterans group, get a friend to listen with, and come along for Wednesday’s “Theme Attic” from 12PM-4PM EST with Phil Maq!!!
However, you can also stream the show from the “listen live button” on the www.WHFR.FM website, by the TuneIn App, Simple Radio App, download the 89.3 WHFR.FM android app from our website homepage, or ask Alexa to find it for you!
Here’s a special joepetersandvets link to stream it :!!!
Feel free to share and spread the fun!
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