Phil’s Faves: Albums, June 2, 2024

Over time, my listening habits have changed and at the moment I usually listen to albums completely through. I haven’t done that in years, but it’s actually very rewarding—particularly when the album is good. Every album that will be on this list will fit that category.

Songs from the albums on this list forms the basis of my countdown list for the “Top 9 at 2:09” segment of my “Theme Attic Show,” Wednesdays 12PM-4PM ET on mostly alternating weeks, along with my “Phil’s Faves, Songs” lists!

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It’s another peak into my listening habits—which is a goal of mine. If you want to know where I’m heading or what I think about some new music, you will find it here.

I honestly don’t expect there to be much volatility on this list because these albums are what I have been basing many of the sets on my show.

Once again, there will be no boundaries. I will go wherever my musical muse takes me.

There’s plenty of other musical things to browse!

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Annie and Rod Capps harness the power of “Love and Rain” to reach this week’s top spot!!

(This is Annie’s fourth #1 Weekly Faves Album and Rod’s third!!! They each have one with Diamonds in the Rust! Annie Capps has an additional solo one! It is also Annie’s second #1 Weekly Alnum for this year!!)

Top 10 Albums for the Week of June 2, 2024

1. Love and Rain—Annie and Rod Capps [6]
I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky—Bill Price [19]
Carryout or Delivery—Ben Levin [3]
4. J. Michael and The Heavy Burden—J. Michael and The Heavy Burden [6]
Your Flight—The Dirk Kroll Band [6]
6. Reason to Try—Shaun Murphy [9]
7. Between the Commas—Jeff Karoub [2]
Lookout Low—Twin Peaks [New]
9. Unravel—Killed By Kiwis [New]
10.Ceolsige—Ceolsige [2]
New Key Album of the Week: Love the Moments—Bob Sky Young
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