Peace and Pirates: Nanci Griffith, Nick Lowe and Nile Rogers, Norah Jones, and Skinny Lister!!!!

Two of my favorite songs about peace are by artists who either wrote or performed them first before they became well known by other artists.

First up is Nanci Griffith. Bette Midler had a monster hit with Julie Gold’s “From a Distance.” But if you’ve ever seen Nanci sing this song live, you know that it’s her song. She was singing this song years before Bette ever had a clue it existed. (GSER)* (Hall of Fame Artist)

Even intense music fans are sometimes surprised that Elvis Costello’s “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace Love and Understanding?” (GSER)* was actually written by Nick Lowe when he was in the Brinsley Schwarz band. Here is a clip that I was very happy to find with Nick tearing it up with Nile Rodgers of Chic fame.
I’m always impressed that he can sing this song as well as play that moving bass line! (Hall of Fame Artist)

Now for two “Pirate” videos:

I never was on the Norah Jones bandwagon. I thought her first two albums, although they had a couple of good songs, were pretty uninteresting. The catchy “Chasing Pirates” changed my mind:

If pirates had to choose a favorite band, Skinny Lister would be on that list. Forge & Flagon, their latest album, is one of the year’s best albums! Here’s one of the best songs from an album filled with best songs:

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