Detroit Strong New and Old: Tosha Owens and Sammy Davis, Jr.!!!

After looking at arguably Detroit’s worst moment in history, it’s time to look at the present and the future with positive vibes!

Any artist will tell you that they’re always looking for a good song, if not a great song. Obviously, for most, those are extremely rare. A great song about a city? Well, you might as well pull out a musical microscope to find one.

Tosha Owens, an award winning Detroit singer, has done it! On her latest song and video, “Detroit Strong,” she adds her incredible talent to a song about what makes the city GREAT! The video is fun to watch as she visits many of Detroit’s fun and happening locales!

Tosha herself is an upbeat person with a pleasant personality! She always seems to have a smile on her face—except when she’s singing a song where she has to change that mood.

Sales of the song go to Sparky Anderson’s charity, CATCH!

I’m happy to say that I’ve had a chance to jam with her (That’s me, Phil Maq, sitting in on drums),  as well as legendary guitarist, Jim McCarty, upcoming guitar great, Jimmy Alter, and Marvelous Marvin Conrad on bass, at St. Clair Shores, “Blue Goose Inn!”

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(Photo courtesy of Sally O’Mally Schroeder)

Of course, Tosha’s song brought to mind another song about Detroit from 1984, that was written by Berry Gordy, Jr. and Willie Hutch. There was a video to support Sammy Davis, Jr.’s great vocal of a song called, “Hello Detroit!” It’s interesting to watch views of the city across that 30 plus year timeline!

Wednesday morning’s “Theme Attic” show from 10A-12 Noon EDT, will continue with my self proclaimed, “New Summer of Love 2017!” Music in this second edition will sound similar to styles of music from 50 years ago, but will all be fairly new! songs by artists will include the liquid scene, The Vegabonds, Tosha Owens, Birth of Joy, Seth Bernard (“Eggtones” album pictured above left), The Static Dial, The Rutles, The Hangabouts, Cold Mountain Child (“Earth Wave Sway” album cover pictured above right), Secret Colours, Dylan McDonald And The Avians, Rachel Allyn, Madcat Midnight Blues Journey (Peter Madcat Ruth), Darlene Love, The Monkees, White Bats, and more!!! Tune in and turn on to 89.3 FM (89.3 WHFR.FM) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, Tune In Player on your smart phone, or with this far-out link: Please share with your fans, friends, and families if you’re cool with that and tag me if you do!!!


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