Jean-Luc Ponty Interview Pt.3, Plus Wendy Webb, and The Garden of Soul, Wednesday August 23, 10A-12 Noon EDT!!!








The final installment, including music, of my June 14th interview with Jean-Luc Ponty [Hall of Fame] airs Wednesday morning on “Theme Attic” from 10A-12N EDT! The third segment will focus on his collaboration with Jon Anderson, former lead singer of the prog rock band, Yes {Hall of Fame], as well as a couple more insights into his career.

Here’s an example of what the Anderson Ponty Band (APB) sounds like:

That’s me and Jean-Luc Ponty after his show at Chene Park in Detroit on June 21!

Singer/songwriter Wendy Webb was kind enough to do an interview with me about the U.S. release of her new album, “Step Out of Line!” We do a lot of talking about the making of that album, but I kick the interview off by discussing a song from her “Edge of Town” album called, “Mystery Sign.”

Starting the “Interview Show” is Drake, Bone, Mike, and Kenny, collectively know as “The Garden of Soul.” Debuting their first album on my show was a true honor, and the rockers explained their approach to the making of “Forsaken!”

The song “Queen Isabella” does not appear in this segment of the interview, but it did hit #1 on my faves songs list earlier this year!

Catch the show at 89.3 FM (WHFR) in the Dearborn-Detroit area, or use this link to stream it:


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