Corrupted File Will Not Stop The Philbys!!!

The Philby Award

As I have mentioned before, I expect bad things to happen to my Philby files.

Every year.

It just happens.

I’ve had at least three computers die in one Philby season. A portable hard drive crash during another Philby year. I have attempted to constantly back up, not only Philby material, but other files as well. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s ALL Philby material.

This may not be anything new to most people, but it was for me when it happened the first time.

Well, I had a new thing happen this year. I keep an ongoing list for the year of eligible albums. It’s a text file. I was up to 23 pages for the year.

That file is now corrupted.

That has never happened to me before. I have never lost a word file.

Fortunately, I have several other files that I’ve secured—except for the main one. I only had that one partially backed up. Specifically, the first 20 pages.

My choices—at least for the main list, are almost complete. But I continue to work on the lists until the Philby shows are complete. Most of the list that is missing are albums from 2015 that I systematically continue to go through to see if I’m making sure I don’t miss anything since it’s the last year for eligibility.

I also lost listing’s for some albums that I was considering for next year’s Philbys. I’ll work on finding those after this year is complete.

I have a couple of sources that I have to reconstruct the master list, so I did have some back up.

I intended to give an update about the Philbys today, because I have some down time and there’s a holiday between the shows.

A totally different kind of update.

But, let’s just say that I am down to about my last 20 albums I’m considering.

There will be a replay of “The Philby Hot 100 Songs of 2018, Part 1” on New Year’s Eve from 8PM-10PM EST. When the show was originally broadcast, the station stream was down. I have had requests to replay the show so that other people could hear it. Monday night will be that opportunity.

Here’s a link:

I always feel that putting my lists together are kinda like studying for finals. I enjoy it, or I wouldn’t do it.

But, man, I don’t appreciate the problems.

I asked my son for help, and he acted like it was something he’d never seen before. He gave me one of those “what are you doing to the computer?” looks. He even stated that. I told him I’m not doing anything different than I always do.

He told me that he supposes there must be some kind of probabilities for whatever happens to me on computers could happen. But he also told me that for the number of things that happen to me must make me the unluckiest guy in the world.

Thanks, son.

I guess that’s what I am.

But I will continue.

The Philbys will not be stopped!


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