Unofficial Philby Best Albums of 2018 List, Pt.1!!!

The Philby Award

I have been crunched for time lately, and I didn’t realize that I wasn’t posting the partial lists as I was continuing the countdown. I guess I will be posting them differently this year.

Regardless, here is the first partial list of albums:

81.Shine—Bernie Marsden

82.Lost on the Road to Eternity—Magnum

83.The Ten Cent Tour—The Empty Pockets

84.Heavy Dudee—Big Dudee Roo

85.The Sabres—The Sabres

86.For the Dirt—Nina and The Buffalo Riders

87.Bark’s Wagon Tales—Michael Snyder—Barker


89.Until the End of Days—Nick Urb

90.The Dreamer and Other Essays—Morgan Treni

91.Without You—Judy Banker

92.Meant 2 Be—Happy Curmudgeons

93.Everybody Has a Purpose—Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke

94.Beer Me—Kevin Fisher

95.Both Sides of the Sky—Jimi Hendrix

96.Here Again, and Lost—Joel Boyea

97.Every Single Part of You—David and The Disasters

98.Bitzer—Shady Groves

99.This Too Shall Pass—Abby Hoffman

100.The Grey EP—Oginalii

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