The Philbys Return, Monday January 13th: Unofficial Update #3!!!

The Philby Award

Are you going through Philby withdrawal?

Yeah! Me too!

So, until my official Monday night show post, here is my third unofficial installment of the Philby 2019 Hot 100 Songs!

42. Could’ve Been Worse—Allan Thomas (Two Sides to Every Story)

43. Temporary High—Nick Piunti (Temporary High)

44. That Don’t Mean I’m Blue—Bill Edwards (Here Lately)

45. Box for My Banana—Jehova Waitresses (Route 5)

46. Woodchuck Blues—John Latini (The Blues Just Make Me Feel Good)

47. Watcha Got?—Red City Radio (Red City Radio)

48. Burn My Stillhouse Down—Judy Banker (Devils Never Cry)

49. Hip Shakin’ Mama—Ray Fuller and The Bluesrockers (Long Black Train)

50. Off the Rack—Craig Moreau (A Different Kind of Train)

51. Deaf in One Eye—Michael Snyder—Barker (Bark’s Wagon Tales)

52. I Gotta Sang the Blues—Thornetta Davis (Honest Woman)

53. Best of Me—The Vegabonds (What We’re Made Of)

54.Won’t You Be My Lighthouse Tonight?—The Pennock/Stephens Project (The Pennock/Stephens Project)

55.Acre of Shells—Sarah Jane Scouten (When The Bloom Falls From the Rose)

56.A Little More—May Erlewine (A Little More)

57.Wichita—Green Denim(Green Denim)

58.Angel With a Broken Wing—Jesse Xavier (Single)

59.Freedom—Diana Chittester (Paradox)

60.Cumha an Oileain—Altan (The Gap of Dreams)

61.Motions—Alex Kostka (Single)

62.Love Blows—Lissie (Castles)

63.Sweeter—Katie Stump (Feels Like Home)

64.Means to My Heart—Kristen Toedtman (Limbo)

65.Cassandra—Greg Kihn (Rekihndled)

66.Paper Bird—American Housewife (In Like a Lion)

67.Full Moon—The Whiskey Charmers (The Valley)

68.Challenged—Animal Hours (Do Over)

69.Let It Shine—Adrianne Serna (Let It Shine)

70.High Country—Chris Murphy (Red Mountain Blues)

71.The One Who Brung Me—Boudreaux’s Back Porch (Anniversary Dance)

72.Love Dr. Love—Eliza Neals (Single)

73.Big Mouth Blues—Reverend Freakchild (Illogical Optimism)

74.Broken Heart Tattoo—Matty T Wall (Blue Skies)

75.If I Were Me—Jo Serrapere and The LaFawndas (Dollar Store Nation)

76.Good to Be Young—Royal Wood (Ghost Light)

77.In Waves—Sarah Blacker (In Waves)

78.Stranger Blues—SIMO (Let Love Show the Way)

79.As Long As You’re Buying—Tim Bennett (The View From Here)

80.Spinning Plates—Amy Petty (House of Doors)

81.I Wait For Your Guitar—The Prime Ministers (Youngstown Milk Run)

82.Waking Up From You—Katy Guillen and The Girls (Heavy Days)

83.Delaware—Morgan Treni with Angela Perley (The Dreamer and Other Essays)

84.I’m Back in the USA—Elliot Schneider (Better a Fool Than Aloof)

85.Hang On—Rich Hopkins and The Luminarios (Tombstone)

86.The Art of Escape—Tom Curless (Songs of Movement)

87.Finally Something Good—Paul Kelly (Life Is Fine)

88.End of the Sunrise—The Simon Kennedy Band (Make Up Your Mind)

89.Love Sickness—Andy Santana and The West Coast Playboys (Watch Your Step)

90.Wonderful Land—California Guitar Trio (Komorebi)

91.Once Was a Girl—Sutter Zachman (Repeat Offender)

92.Red and Gold—The Brother Brothers (Some People I Know)

93.I Dug It Up—Whit Hill (I Dug It Up)

94.OK—The Valery Trails (Chameleon Bones)

95.Whatever’s on Your Mind—Avid Dancer (1st Bath)

96.You Put the Hurt on Me Baby—George Bedard (Further On)

97.Wine Spodeeodee—Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Davis (Gotcha Covered: The Songs of Johnny Williams)

98.No One to Kill—Michael on Fire (The Solstice Sessions)

99.Soulsville—Happy Curmudgeons (Meant 2 Be)

100.Motor City Woman—Shawn Adam Williams (Single)


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