The Most Awesomest Song of the Day: “Smartphone” by The Bayonets!!!

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I want to emphasize mostly, relatively newer music, just like on my Monday night show, “Prime Time Theme Attic.” (Monday nights 8PM-10PM ET when it returns.)

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But I can promise this: I will not force my selections. If something doesn’t hit me, I won’t post one.

Everything I do has always been about shining a spotlight on the artist and their music.

Now I will have the potential to shine 365 more spotlights if I want to!

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Regardless of everything going on in the world that is way more important than my daily post, I will continue, nonetheless, in case someone is looking for a few minutes of respite.


How ’bout some Friday Music Fun?

In general, I am not a big video person.

I get sent lots of links to videos, and if I look at five percent of them, I would be surprised.

I prefer audio over video. That’s just how I’m wired.

That’s why I always ask for digital files from an artist.

I don’t want to waste time to check out a link to a video to decide whether I want the audio files.

Send me the files and I will check out your music!

When I was going to college, the walls in my bedroom were always bare.

I didn’t care. I never looked at them for inspiration, or to feel good about my musical choices.

Everything I needed was in the grooves of my record collection.

However, having said all of that, I do appreciate a good video!

“Smartphone” from the album “Crash Boom Bang!” by multi Philby Award winners The Bayonets, is one of them!

And not only that, it’s summer, so it’s time for another smokin’ hot song for the soundtrack!

Start with some intro guitar chords and notes, and then shift into another one of those mind numbing one night guitar riffs from Brian Ray, like in yesterday’s song by Sarah Borges.

“Durn-durn-durn-durn-durn, durn-durn-durn, durn-durn-durn-durn-durn!”

And then lay it on top of some jungle drum rhythm by Oliver Leiber!

Lucrecia Lopez Sanz, a very talented guitarist/bassist who also plays in Nube 9, an Argentinian Beatles band, supplies just the right amount of back up vocals!

Don’t forget to sprinkle in some satellite space sounds by Adam MacDougall.

Part of the fun of the video is watching the stunningly beautiful Lucrecia who resembles an alluring young Audrey Hepburn!

Everything else is up to you!

Turn up the volume to 40 and don’t get stupid with your “Smartphone!”

You know. None of that outer space photo junk!

The Most Awesomest Song of the Day is “Smartphone” by The Bayonets!!!


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