The Most Awesomest Song of the Day: “In the Middle” by Diana Chittester!!!

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I want to emphasize mostly, relatively newer music, just like on my Monday night show, “Prime Time Theme Attic.” (Monday nights 8PM-10PM ET when it returns.)

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But I can promise this: I will not force my selections. If something doesn’t hit me, I won’t post one.

Everything I do has always been about shining a spotlight on the artist and their music.

Now I will have the potential to shine 365 more spotlights if I want to!

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Regardless of everything going on in the world that is way more important than my daily post, I will continue, nonetheless, in case someone is looking for a few minutes of respite.


I first stumbled upon multiple Philby Award winner Diana Chittester through Facebook.

I observed a snappy conversation between her and and multiple Philby Award winner G.S. Harper!

The good natured jabs were flying between the two, and it was fun to follow the witty repartee!

I found out Diana was a singer/songwriter and that she occasionally passed through this area.

When I finally got a chance to see her at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I was unprepared for her stage presence.

She told stories about her songs that were helpful but extremely personal.

Diana also couldn’t stand still when she played!

She prowled the stage like a feline, and with her long flowing dark hair, reminded me of seeing the most beautiful black puma I will ever see extremely close-up at a zoo in The Quad Cities when it first opened!

Diana poured every ounce of energy from those movements into the feelings of her music!

It also brought to mind radio commercials about the first time Jimi Hendrix came to town. He was described as, ‘You’ll never see anyone play guitar in more positions!”

“In the Middle” from her Paradoxalbum, is a straight up mid tempo rocker!

It’s the type of song that demonstrates Diana’s evolving artistry!

The band is tight with a wicked slide guitar solo and nice touches of organ!

The rhythm section is in the pocket with several breaks and nice dynamics!

And there is a powerful vocal that can only be delivered by one Diana Chittester!

The Most Awesomest Song of the Day is “In the Middle” by Diana Chittester!!!


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