The Most Awesomest Song of the Day: “Save All My Cryin’ (For Sunday Afternoons)” by Vicky Emerson!!!

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I want to emphasize mostly, relatively newer music, just like on my Monday night show, “Prime Time Theme Attic.” (Monday nights 8PM-10PM ET when it returns.)

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But I can promise this: I will not force my selections. If something doesn’t hit me, I won’t post one.

Everything I do has always been about shining a spotlight on the artist and their music.

Now I will have the potential to shine 365 more spotlights if I want to!

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Regardless of everything going on in the world that is way more important than my daily post, I will continue, nonetheless, in case someone is looking for a few minutes of respite.


How about a Sunday afternoon song?

Today’s song is one of those that truly didn’t knock me out until I played it on my radio show.

I feel that songs have different “impacts,” not only for lyrics that can change meaning over time and situations, but also for the way that a song is heard.

For example, I certainly have changed my opinion about a song that I didn’t like or understand until I heard it live. And almost always for the better!

Some of the feelings about a song for me depends on whether I’m hearing it with earbuds, in my car, computer, when I play it on my show, or if I hear it on the radio–but not on my show.

I have changed my opinion about music when I’ve heard someone else play something I didn’t seem to care for, but it sounded good on the radio.

I have bought several albums over the years that sounded great in the record store, but lost their magic when I brought them home and played them. Very sad!

I only chose to discuss this because the song itself hasn’t changed, only the surroundings!

For me, this is an odd phenomenon!

But let’s get back to today’s song.

Vicky Emerson‘s “Save All My Cryin’ (For Sunday Afternoons” from her Philby Award winning, Wake Me When the Wind Dies Down,” was an easy choice for one of my “new music shows.”

But what really caught my attention was the flat out classic country feel of the song when I played it on my show!

The structure is set up so nicely: The tremolo guitar! The mournful fiddle! Vicki’s singular vocal during the verses, wrapped around a beautiful harmony vocal (Wonderfully done by Annie Fitzgerald!) for the chorus! The melody is pretty, and the middle eight makes it sound even better!

I’m not much for weepers or sad songs in general, but “Save All My Cryin”’ makes me want to sing along, and singing always makes me feel better!

The Most Awesomest Song of the Day is “Save All My Cryin’ (For Sunday Afternoons)” by Vicky Emerson!!!


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