My NEW New Year’s Musical Resolution!!!

This thought just popped into my head today.

For the past several years, I have been actively trying to play two artists that I had never played before on each new show.

That was a slight challenge, but not because of a lack of new music and artists to listen to.

I say “challenge” because I always want everything I choose to be worthy of someone else’s time, let alone my own. Sometimes that’s difficult if I haven’t had the chance to really become familiar with something I haven’t heard before.

I say “challenge” because I have to make sure that what I choose meets FCC and station standards. It can be difficult to pick up on swear words or other references that I’m not supposed to play if I really don’t know the material as much as I’d like to.

Those are my own issues, but how can I reach a goal if I’m not even doing a show because of a global pandemic?

Well, I tried to focus on keeping music alive by writing and sharing my perspectives.

I also continued to post my weekly lists and then moved on to the Philby Awards just like I normally would do.

But as time away from the studio drags on, I have to admit to myself that I didn’t fulfill my yearly goal from last year.

By focusing on several New Music Showcases in the beginning of the year, it’s possible that I may have met that goal just on the total of new artists that I spotlighted.

Maybe, but I’m not going to waste time researching that.

Instead, I have decided to come up with a different goal for this year.

I plan to highlight two acts that I have never played before in a post. 

There will be one each for a song and an album.

I intend to only consider releases from 2021 for this designation.

Whether I consider them for future lists will depend on whether my “snap judgment” is worthy of that.

On old WKNR music guides, this was a weekly feature, so it’s kind of an homage to the station.

My distinction will be a weekly “key album.”

I hope you like my NEW New Year’s resolution, and together we will continue to explore new music!


I’m Phil Maq and I normally do a weekly College radio show which is currently on hiatus.

I’m on the lookout for new music and artists!

Actually, I’m looking for any and all “good music” all of the time!

If you read this and want to send me your music, please send mp3s to!

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