New Key Album of the Week: “Fortune Favours the Strange” by Black Cat Revue!!!

Since my show is back on the air (“Theme Attic” heard every Wednesday from 2PM-4PM ET! Here’s a link to stream it:!), I’ve decided to only identify a “New Key Album of the Week” and write about it if something “hits me” about the release.

When I do make a weekly choice, I will add it to my weekly Faves List as before!

Whether I consider them for future lists will depend on whether my “snap judgment” is worthy of that.

The seed for this idea came from old 60’s WKNR (Dearborn, Michigan) music guides, that featured a weekly Key Song of the Week, so it’s kind of an homage to the station.

My distinction will be a “key album.”

I hope you like the changes I have made, and together we will continue to explore new music!


This week’s selection was released a few months ago, however it has stuck with me and the music has seeped into my gray matter!

Four Glasgow dudes have channeled late 60s and early 70s rock, like Steppenwolf, and pumped it through a lo-fi sound filter!

“Fortune Favours the Strange” by Black Cat Revue, with songs like “The Name of the Game is Kill” are almost impossible to decipher. Yet they make you want to move your body in an uncontrollable manner.

It’s almost like “Kill, Kill, Kill” by The Sacred Cows as manipulated by The Groovy Guru in “Get Smart!”

It is a perfect apocalyptic soundtrack.

I will play this song on my Wednesday show!

The New Key Album of the Week is “Fortune Favours the Strange” by Black Cat Revue!!!


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I’m on the lookout for new music and artists!

Actually, I’m looking for any and all “good music” all of the time!

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