Theme Attic Tackles the Olympics, Wednesday, From 2PM-4:30PM!!!

Another tradition returns!
This week, Wednesday’s “Theme Attic,” heard from 2PM-4:30PM EDT, will play music loosely based on Olympic events!
Subjects will include, swimming, boxing, gymnastics, and trampoline among others!
And just for a change, the Top 9 Countdown will happen at 2:09!
Songs by artists on the show will include Latvian Radio, Black Cat Revue (Mint 400 Records, Pirates Press Records), Helene Cronin Music, Michelle Malone (Her album cover for “Slings and Arrows” is on the left side of the banner!), Amy Dixon-Kolar, Brent Barker, Joe Henry, Victor V. Gurbo & Co., Charlie Walmsley Music (His album cover for “Chevy Town” is on the right side of the banner!), The Detroit Dives, Dick Siegel, Joe Peters & Friends, Lindenthoburnmusic, The Steve Taylor Three, Turkuaz, 2Bit Palomino, New Chums, Grievous Angel, Scott Ellison Band, The Transparent Tones, and more!!!
Grab a passport, a couple of friends to listen with, and come along for the ride Wednesday from 10AM-430PM EDT with Phil Maq!
Tune in to 89.3 WHFR.FM in the Dearborn-Detroit area, ask Alexa or Siri to find the station for you, or use this special javelin link: to stream it!!!
Feel free to share!
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