January Things, MLK, Jr., and a Lot of Luck on Wednesday’s “Theme Attic,” 12PM-4PM EST!!!

January often seems to be a slower time of the year.
Well, Wednesday’s “Theme Attic” with Phil Maq from
12PM-4PM EST, has found plenty to keep things jumping!
There’ll be some songs about the month, some on Martin Luther King, Jr., and plenty about luck in front of this week’s Friday the 13th!
A Top 9 at 2:09 will add to the fun!
And we salute a new addition to the “Theme Attic Hall of Fame”: Sandy Nelson!
The stats for this show are: 10 artist debuts, 8 new releases, 10 artists with SE Michigan ties!!!
I will divide the tags into sections, but they will only be an estimate.
I can’t guarantee that everything will fit into those slots, but I will try very hard to stick to them!
And…they are NOT in chronological order.
Songs by artists between 12PM-2:09 PM EST should include Tom Alter, Marianne Flemming (Marianne Flemming), Emma’s Revolution (Cathy Fink), Divining Rod, Fred Arcoleo (Fred Arcoleo), Kirby Heard – Songs from the Heart (Kirby Heard), Mike Latini(His album cover for “Ace LaVida” is second from the left in the banner!), Walter Trout, Jaspar Lepak (Jaspar Lepak),(Her album cover for “Send Me Home” is second from the right in the banner!), Sue Radner Horowitz, The Decemberists, The Joedai Warriors (Joe Peters & Friends, Joe Peters), The Rubinoos, Bridget Kelly Band (Bridget Kelly)(Her album cover for “Winter’s Coming” is on the upper left in the banner!), Big State, Eric Kilburn, fRiCTiON fARM, Million Miles (Their album cover for “Good Luck, Honey” is on the lower left corner of the banner!), Steve Howell, Corey Harris and more!!!
Songs by artists from 2:09 PM-4PM EST should Include Linden Thoburn, Mark Jewett, Lyn Stanley (Lyn Stanley), Sigrid Christiansen, Suburban HiFi (Gregory Addington), Mike Ward, Nick Frater Music (Nick Frater), Corndaddy (Kevin Brown), Aoife O’Donovan (Her album cover for “Apathy” is third from the right in the banner!), Bill Price, Laura Rain and The Caesars, Mississippi Heat with Daneshia Hamilton (Pierre Lacocque), DeeCRACKS, and more!!!
So grab your lucky dice or earbuds, get a friend or two to listen with, and come along for the ride on Wednesday’s “Theme Attic” from 12PM-4PM EST with Phil Maq!!!
However, you can also stream the show from the “listen live button” on the www.WHFR.FM website, by the TuneIn App, Simple Radio App, download the 89.3 WHFR.FM android app from our website homepage, or ask Alexa to find it for you!
Here’s a special theresalothappeninginJanuary Link to stream it : https://www.whfr.fm/streamer/!!!
Feel free to share and spread the fun!
If you like what you see, don’t forget to spread the word and then follow the link to the Phil Maq page and give it a “likesy!” I thank you for that!










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