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Phil Maq Serves up a Tasty Countdown at The Malt Shop, Tuesday Afternoon, 1PM-3PM EST!!!

Well, now. Daddy G has asked me, Phil Maq, to sit in for him on “The Malt Shop” today from 1PM-3PM EST! I have decided to do something special thanks to Sally O’Mally Schroeder, who posted a WKNR Music Guide from … Continue reading

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It’s Wayback Wednesday on Theme Attic, 10AM-12PM EDT!!!

So, every now and then, someone posts a WKNR Record Guide. Sally O’Mally Schroeder recently posted one for April 2, 1964. I had too many other shows planned at that time, but I always find these lists intriguing for what … Continue reading

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Sal and Dottie and Bob Silverberg: “Old and Gold” Remembered!!!

Somewhere after growing up listening to radio stations WABX, WKNR, WWWW, WLLZ, WRIF, and WCSX, and after “good” music continued to disappear from the Detroit area airwaves, the aural landscape seemed pretty bleak. Then something happened. I can’t honestly pinpoint … Continue reading

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Preface for The Hot 100 List of 2014!

When I was growing up, the thing that made the holidays tolerable was the year-end lists, usually a list of songs from 80 (CKLW) to 113 (WKNR). I would be riveted to the radio listening to the playback of songs … Continue reading

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