Celebrate International Women’s Day With Three Wonderful Women: Wendy Webb, Alison Krauss, and Deni Bonet!!!

Today is International Women’s Day so I thought I would add a blog post with three incredible female artists!

First up is Wendy Webb and her version of Bob Dylan’s, “Girl From the North Country.” It’s a track from her Philby Best Album of the Year Award winner, “Step Out of Line!”

I know it may be sacrilegious to say so, but I have never really cared for Bob Dylan’s version of the song. However, Wendy delivers what I consider to be my favorite version. It’s a very simple arrangement of electric piano with a pedal steel guitar solo. That leaves plenty of space to concentrate on her beautiful vocal! The video is an added bonus as a retrospective of her career!

My next selection is a video that I ran across recently. Alison Krauss released an amazing album of Classic Country cover songs. Originally recorded by Brenda Lee, “Losing You” is one of the Greatest Songs Ever Recorded (GSER)! Once again, just like the Wendy Webb song mentioned above, the arrangement is subdued and unobtrusive, so the listener can concentrate on that wonderful vocal!

My third choice is violinist Deni Bonet! Although there isn’t a vocal on the “Light This Candle” off of her latest album, “Bright Shiny Objects,” Deni brings electricity and sparks in her performance! I have the feeling that even when Bonet sets her instrument down, it remains on “sizzle!” The violin does the singing for her, and it’s a beautiful thing!

Speaking of beautiful, all three women are representative of all the women in the world, who are all beautiful in their own way!



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