Day 8 of New Rotation Albums List: “Arrival and Departures” by Phil Ayoub!!!

Arrivals and Departures

My next selection is, “Arrivals and Departures” by Phil Ayoub.

Wow! Another “Phil” makes my List to join Phil Lee! Two Phils! Two Dutch bands! Go figure!

The album was released in 2010—although I only started listening to it a couple of years ago.

This is Day 8 of my “New Rotations: Albums” list! These are albums that are still in my listening rotation beyond what I would consider to be a normal run on my music player. They are post influence forming, but are awesome nonetheless! They should have been deleted long ago to make room for other new music, yet I like them so much, I break my own rules for this music.

I found it roaming the station’s archives. I was hooked on it in January of this year, when I featured it as one of my spotlight albums when I was doing “Mid Day Theme Attic.” In my January 24th show preview, I wrote: “Arrivals and Departures” by Phil Ayoub, has such a variety of musical styles that it’s no surprise why I like it! I’m still jonesing for it!

This is a singer/songwriter at the top of his game! The songs are mostly about relationships. I guess those would be the “arrivals and departures.” You can choose between romantic (“Walk You Home”, “Flowers at Work,”), sexy (“Body Language”), and bittersweet (“32 Memory Lane,” “Things That Remind Me You’re Gone”).

But underneath the whole album is a feeling of hope, no matter what!

“Get Out (Live a Little, Love a Lot)” sums it all up. Don’t stay at home letting “life” pass you by. Roll the dice! Take some chances!


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